Apr 13

Beneficial Properties Of Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushroom bears a systematic name of inonotus obliquus is another sort of fungus belonging to the hymenochaetaceae family. Thought about as a medical mushroom, a woody fungus, it seems like the outward appearance of burnt charcoal that's irregularly formed. The presence of huge amount of melanin gives the black texture and typically appears on dead tree. The mushroom is seen in the birch wooded area of Korea, Russia, Northern and Eastern Europe, North side of U.S, and in Canada.

Preparation of chaga is similar to that of a coffee, grated into thin fine powder which should be brewed until flavour is removed. Chaga mushroom also has high level of polysaccharides. Humans need to perform extraction process so as to get concentrated medicinal extracts of chaga. They could either use the hot water extraction process, alcohol extraction, or fermentation procedure. The mix of hot water extraction and alcohol extraction is used to obtain the total potential of extracts with curative value.

Chaga mushroom was discovered in the early 16th century. It was used to treat ulcers, gastritis, cancer, and bone tubercolosis. It is furthermore used to cure malevolent cancers and other sicknesses. Chemical researches showed clearly that chaga produces a numerous array of secondary metabolites including melanin, phenolic compounds, and triterpenoids. These are dynamic components for anti-tumoral, anti-oxidizing agent and antiviral activities and for enhancing protection against infection.

Forty eight patients underwent clinical trail last 1957, 10 of which were treated with chaga. Result showed decrease in cancer size, reduced frequency and force of hemorrhaging, decreased discomfort, improved appetite and sleep. A systematic study on chaga was conducted in 1958; it showed ephocal result in liver cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, gastric cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. An actual example was done in 1973 showing virtually 100% successes in treatment of psoriasis. Current systematic studies showed clearly that the effect of explicit chaga polysaccharides are comparable to radiation and chemo therapy, and it gives no side-effects. Extra research mentioned the robust immune balancing properties and anti-inflammatory compounds of polysaccharides.

The unique property stimulates the body to produce natural killer cells that will combat cancer growth and contagions. Today, extracts of chaga mushrooms are produced and sold as anti-cancer medicinal agents.

Chaga has a few properties and ingredients that are beneficial in treating assorted diseases.

  • Betulinic acid that combats growths and viral illnesses
  • Polysaccharides that enhances the immune system, treat cancer, HIV virus and other viral and antibacterial infections
  • Germanium which cleanses the blood, prevent growths, and normalizes blood pressure
  • Triterpenes which lowers blood cholesterol, detoxifies the liver, improves the digestion, treats hepatitis, coughs, protracted bronchitis, and asthma
  • Other ingredients and properties of chaga mushroom are phytonutrients, nucleosides, minerals and amino acids.

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