Apr 13

He Shou Wu: The Special Herb

He shou wu extract is a herbal medicine that's especially rich in iron and zinc. All its necessary nutrient elements are simply soaked up by the body as it quickly dissolves in water. This herbal extract has been used in the ancient period as their traditional medicine by the Chinese folks to live a longer life. Originally, this extract is known as as fo-ti tieng and its systematic Chinese name is polygonum multiflorum. This is a tonic herb. It has a few body health benefits that may fight various illnesses.

Who Benefits From this He Shou Wu Extract?

Adult males and females or even people who are becoming older can benefit from this natural medicine. It fortifies the muscle, augments the blood circulation, improves sexual capabilities and fertility, brings back the natural colour of the hair, and revives the whole body system. This medical plant was named after He Shou Wu, the person who employed the extract and retained the black color of his hair even if he is already at the age of one hundred and thirty years in China’s traditional medicine history.

The simplest way to Take He Shou Wu Herbal Extract?

Based totally on extensive researches, the typical dose for this kind of herbal medicine is 3 grams and will be taken 3 times as well daily. It can be blended with juices, smoothies or protein shakes. The pure extract may also be instantaneously or without delay eaten from its bag because the preparing of the He Shou Wu processed extract is ready for consumption. If the herbal medicine is used to treat malarial disorder, the bulk herb of He Shou Wu must be taken about 9 to 15 grams daily. Researches proved the red fo-ti root is more superior to that of the raw herb. Moreover, the raw herb is better for the trots.

What Are the Qualities of this Herb and what makes it Useful to our Body System?

Contra-aging and Rejuvenating Nutriments

This herbal extract is highly loaded in age defying compounds. It helps stop the psychological function loss commonly found in advanced age and promotes a younger look. The anti-aging nutrients of fo-ti roots can also improve sleep and lengthen the span of life.

Cardiotonic, Sedative, Diuretic, and Glutathione Properties

These are the properties that may be found in He Shou Wu. They improve the blood circulation of the body and reinforce the immune mechanism to fight against any bacteria and illnesses. The natural medication has the ability to balance the blood sugar level and lower raised levels of cholesterol in the body. It can even increase the production of glutathione making the body appearance more fresh-looking.

Anti-Tumor, Antibacterial, and Anti-Microbial (Chrysophanol) Compounds

Researches proved that the herbal extract can help in the prevention of cancer expansion, sicknesses in the reproductive system, and avoid liver and kidney inflammations.

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